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The Vision of Polarity - the New Man/Woman


         Disease and war are part of the polarity of the universe.  There is no need to seek a peace that depends on world leaders to draw up an ultimate treaty.  Nor can we depend on this body of ours to be disease free or to last over a few years.   


            Recognizing the situation, we can still accept this and act with love and caring.  The polarity of relationships is the science of human experience.  Consider these ideals:  Learn to relate to the opposite sex as a complementary equal, partner and twin.  Be affectionate and loving without repression or sexuality.  Be sexual when appropriate, and be able to withdraw and enjoy one’s own company. 


            Learn to dance with youth and children as teachers of eternal vitality and innocence.  Respect the elders of the earth as teachers of wisdom and experience.  And treat competitors as brothers / sisters in trade, knowing that the earth has supplied abundance for all.  This is the abundance a simple life and diet provide.  This state of gratitude and happiness will never come from greed and excess.


            To consider anyone an enemy is to lack the ability to really have a true friend.  To bring harm to others is like shooting ourselves in the foot.  This whole universe is our relative.  Spread out to know that Source and Ancient Origin of all there is.  When we truly know this ideal, we can still practice self defense, when absolutely necessary, but without hatred or gross violence.


            Polarity principles are in action everywhere.  A loving hug and warm smile are free polarity treatments to share and enjoy with all.  Learn to touch without the idea of seduction or violence, but with healing and affection.  Touch without the desire to change others’ ideas of right and wrong, but accept ‘otherness’ as it is.


            Understand the possibility of changing oneself and that in this great possibility is the key to what we seek to change in others.  If we are able to accomplish such a mighty feat, there is a possibility the world might change too.  After all, the world is simply a projection of consciousness.