Includes all the materials listed below, plus a study guide - $300 




The Polarity Book

Book 1 emphasizes Polarity Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and Western/Ayurvedic Herbology.

The Acu-Point Book

Book 2 emphasizes Acu Point Manipulation, Oriental Medicine, Tai Chi Rotation and Oriental Herbology. The text elaborates theory and medical philosophy of Acu-Polarity   



The Polarity DVD

Contains Polarity Yoga, demonstrates the basic Polarity session, further manipulations and element manipulations 

The Acu-Point DVD

Front and back demonstration of Tai Chi Rotation, shows the basic energy flow in the meridians, locates 34 major acupoints and demonstrates how to manipulate them 

The Acu-Polarity Session

Demonstrates how to take the pulse, tongue diagnosis, take blood pressure, body reading, having a person standing in the gravity box and the Acu-Polarity treatment  

The Yoga Session

Demonstrates an easy, but complete yoga stretching routine including breathing, standing postures, floor postures, head and sholder stands and sitting in lotus with concentration tecniques.