What to Expect During an Acu-Polarity Treatment



When someone first comes to the office they fill out a fairly short and easy evaluation form. Questions are asked and answered by practitioner and client.

The person's shen (spirit) is observed, to some extent - their skin, voice and eyes. The pulse is taken and tongue observed.  After the question / answer, pulse and tongue observation (which usual only takes about 15 minutes), the session begins.


Every session is different, but to generalize:


The person undresses to their underwear and covers with a sheet. They ring the gong.  After hearing the gong, the practitioner enters the treatment room and begins by looking at the leg length and usually says, "If I do anything that feels uncomfortable, painful or you just don't like it, let me know." 

Treatment Room 1

Treatment Room 1

First the treatment involves 5 to 20 minutes of energy balancing manipulations with the hands, checking the spine, and feeling for knots and blockages.  Then the acu-pins (which are disposable, never used before, and from fine surgical stainless steel) are inserted. There should be some sensation, and even a little discomfort, involved in the insertion. This is not much though, normally. And it normally quickly disappears to where a person feels that it is not really any big deal.  It has been likened to a mosquito bite.

This is usually followed by a deep relaxation. It may sound funny that sticking pins in you can be relaxing, but it is.

The pins stay in for 5 to 20 minutes. If it is deemed necessary, both sides are needled. But typically only one side is manipulated with the pins and both sides with hands.

While the pins are in, if the person agrees, an herbal formula is then mixed. The formula can be geared to a specific problem; or, it can be a general formula to build blood, energy, yin or yang; or, enhance physiological functioning of certain organ systems.

Six to ten sessions is often referred to as a 'course of treatment'. This varies widely depending on a person's situation. Usually one does not come in more than once a week.

Selection of herbs for custom formulas

Selection of herbs for custom formulas

When the session is over, there may be some dietary and exercise suggestions. A sheet, "Things to Do Between Treatments" is often given to the client / acu-polarity patron.

The sessions normally start on time and last 45 to 50 minutes. A person will normally be in the office for one hour. The cost is $70.00.

If a person gets herbs, that can be an additional $20 to $25.  We do not accept insurance, but a bill can be issued with all the proper codes and numbers for submission to your insurance company.