Polarity Theory Part III - Nutrition

Added on by Ezekiel Holiman.

Polarity promotes the flow of life energy. It avoids things that are dead or weigh heavily on the mental and physical being. Therefore, Polarity teachings advocate a lacto-vegetarian diet consisting of whole grains, cooked and raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, beans, herbs and spices, and some dairy products. 

Meat, fish and eggs are avoided because the life principle has been taken from them, and taken in a manner most unpleasant to the animal. These foods are undesirable for the karmic effect produced by proxy when they are prepared for eating.

As to the question about eggs, fertile eggs grow up to be chickens and infertile eggs have no life energy. Consuming an egg is chemically the same as consuming a whole chicken. 

Dairy products may be used and have been advocated in a yogic diet for thousands of years. They contain many beneficial enzymes, and even though these products may produce mucus, according to Ayurvedic teachings, they promote a calm mind. Many people, who are lactose intolerant, or allergic to milk, may be able to eat fresh yogurt with good results. Dr. Stone taught that yogurt is better when made at home and eaten fresh. Many people have trouble digesting milk because it is taken cold with meals.