Neurology and Scalp Acupuncture

Added on by Patrick D Holiman.

When one practices scalp acupuncture, it can affect the brain and central nervous system.  It uses the same paradigm that neurologist uses, like what you would find in an anatomy book, except that acupuncture tries to stimulate the cranial nerves with the acupuncture pin, not drugs or surgery.

    So what paradigm does Tradition Oriental Medicine use?

     In Oriental medical theory the brain and uterus are considered 'extraordinary organs.'  

    The brain (known as a sea of marrow and consciousness) is closely involved in sense perception, thinking and consciousness.  It is not treated directly in theory, but through:
1)    The kidneys – which produce the marrow from the stored essence;
2)    The heart – which is said to house the mind, memory and thinking;
3)    The liver – which regulates the smooth flow of vital functions;
4)    The spleen – which rules concentration.