Added on by Patrick D Holiman.


       Wu Chi is the limitless and great No-Thing’ ness, the ‘unmanifest.’

        From Wu Chi, Tai Chi is manifested.

        Tai Chi is described as free energy.  It represents the ‘manifest.’

         From Tai Chi comes the flow of nature, the Tao.

          When Tao polarizes, Yin and Yang come into form.  Yin as a broken line is expressed as - -.  The symbol for Yang is a solid line ___.

         Yin and Yang are the primal polarities that unite to bring the universe into existence.  This mystical intercourse births the universe as the intercourse between a man (yang) and a woman (yin) births a child.  Yang is positive [+] and Yin is negative [-], and they rotate in a neutral field (Tao [0]).

                           When Yin and Yang are further divided:

                           Wood represents the early phase of Yang.

                           Fire is mature Yang.

                           Metal represents beginning Yin.

                           Water is complete Yin.

                           Earth is the neutral phase. 

          These are the five phases of Oriental Medicine.

              Further divided, the forces of nature are represented by the eight Pa-Kua (trigrams) in their primal order:      

               Heaven, Rain, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth and Fire.

          Yin and Yang, the five phases/elements and the Pa-Kua (8 trigrams) form the basis for the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching which symbolically represent all of life’ situations.  From this emerges the “10.000 things”, the phrase for all the things that exist.

         Being and no-thing’ ness are ultimately one.

         10,000 things = Beingness;

         Wu Chi = Nothingness, the no-thing’ ness which is the source of all there is.  Wu!